Is Documentary Family Photography for Me?

"I'm not great at advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic commet?"

Do you hate standing around with a fake smile on your face while you wrestle with your toddler who is screaming instead of standing still for photos? Do you have older kids that insist on rolling their eyes every time you break out your camera and tell them to stand still? Does your spouse hide whenever you mention getting updated photos taken?

What if I told you a family session didn't have to be stressful? What if you guys could go about your lives (I promise, lazy Sundays are NOT boring if you have children or pets....more so if you have both). What if I said you didn't have to pose or even look at the camera? What if you could have a family photo with everyone in the frame, interacting with each other and capturing real memories instead of fake ones?

I specialize in seeing past the choaos of ordinary life and capturing connection, personalities and the truth of parenthood. Having a family is not easy, but I'd love to show you how rewarding it can be.