Affordable Indianapolis Wedding Photographer?

What's up, party people! It's 2018 and we are ALL a little more careful spending our money. I believe that there is a wedding photographer for everyone. Are you looking for a photographer that will capture your day in a laid back way but still be professional? Do big productions and teams of vendors telling you want to do all day make you feel like...


Well no worries, friend! I've been photographing weddings for the last ten years and having an absolute blast getting to be a part of my clients' day. Being a volume photographer (shooting a wedding every weekend) and shooting alone allows me to set my full day coverage prices at $1600.


I specialize in moments over posing photography, blending into the background as if I'm a long lost cousin (one you actually like...and who knows what they are doing ;)


I get asked this a lot. (Even by other photographers).

1) I photograph 35 weddings a year.

2) I photograph families and other sessions during the week.

3) I have a 8-10 week turn around time

4) You won't find any fancy packaging or fluff when working with me. Custom wooden USBs with my logo on them...I don't think so. All that stuff costs money. Money that I'd have to pass on to you...and I ain't about that.


Everyone should be able to have memories of one of the most important days of their lives. I have a package for just about everyone and am very flexible with payment plans. No one should have to worry about a friend not showing up or a student who might get overwhelmed when something goes haywire.