Lafayette Wedding Photographer | Bontrager

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope…I have loved non but you.” — Jane Austin

Josiah never planned on getting married but life seems to throw curve balls our way just when we think we have everything figured out. We go to school, start our careers and are perfectly happy living our own lives….but then something remarkable happens. Someone walks through the door and you forget what your name is. It’s all over from there. That is love.

I was so happy when I got an email from Ariel. She told me that she wasn’t really planning on having a wedding photographer for her Lafayette, Indiana wedding but saw a friend of her’s (a bridesmaid too!) had left a review and decided that I was a good fit. That friend was one of the very first weddings that I took after I started traveling for Lafayette Weddings. If I remember correctly, that review said that her husband didn’t really understand wedding photography but once he saw the photos he was so happy to get to see the parts of the day that he wasn’t a part of.

That is why I love to do what I do. Weddings are chaos times ten and couples are often so busy that they do not see all the smiles and laughter and hugs and hilarity that makes up wedding days. They are talking to guests and not getting to see all the crazy dance moves at the reception or they are hidden away so that guests won’t see them and don’t get to see your mom hug your grandma when she comes through the door. But I do. I get to see all the love. So I take photos of it so that you can see it later….when everything has died down and your life is getting back to normal.

Wedding Photography is important because in ten years you won’t remember 90% of your wedding day. Sure you’ll remember the big stuff; walking down the aisle, your kiss, your first dance, but you won’t remember a flower girl looking at you like a princess or the hug that you gave your college friends….and the photos will remind you :)