Newborn Photography in Fishers, Indiana - Lamaster

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen.”

I photographed Quincy and Derrick two years ago when they got married and was so happy when I got the email that they were expanding their family. Weddings are fun and all, but there is just something great about the chaos that comes with brand new parents.

We did their newborn photos in Fishers, Indiana at their parents house so it was extra special to be able to include grandparents in their session. I highly recommend it for anyone who is looking into newborn photographers in Fishers to chat with their newborn photographer to see if it would be an option to include grandparents. I feel like a lot of us lifestyle newborn photographers would totally be up for including family!

Being new parents is stressful. I approach newborn photography sessions in a very laid back way. There are no hard time limits and I always go by how the baby is feeling. Sometimes they get cranky and need to take a break. Just like adults! And that is totally okay! We never rush.

Feedings, diaper changes and a few tears are all a part of parenthood and I photograph if all. My newborn photography sessions are not just about getting a couple photos of your new family but also capturing a true snapshot of your life. It may seem like it’s all you will ever know right now, but soon enough your little bundle will be a walking, then they’ll be riding bikes in the driveway and then they will be heading off to their first day of school and you’ll look back and say “Gosh, were they ever really that small?” and “haha, remember that funny face they’d make?” “Remember how tired we were, but how we pushed through?” “Look at how all of our hard work has paid off…”