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“And so the adventure begins…”

One of the most fun things about being a wedding photographer for so long (has it really been almost eleven years? Because I do not feel like it has been that long!) is that your wedding couples start to grow their families. They decide to put away the “carefree” lifestyle of non-parent-dom and strap in to this crazy roller coaster. It makes me really happy…unreasonably happy some might say…to get to be a part of such an amazing time!

I approach newborn photography in a little bit different way than some photographers, although it is getting more popular lately. I photography Lifestyle newborn photography sessions, which means I may tell you where to sit or what rooms have the best light, but generally the only posing prompts I give you are to cuddle and love your new baby….which is never trouble!

I want to capture as much real life as possible. Newborns are only so small for so long and before you know it, this time in your life is going to be over. I am convinced that babies grow at ten times the rate of adults, haha. They’ll be toddling around, getting into trouble, and talking your ear off before you know it!

If you are looking for newborn photographers in Noblesville, Indiana or know someone expecting their next little one, I would love it if you passed my website along! These are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to photograph. There is just something so wonderful about everyday life and the upheaval of something new crashing into each other that makes me really happy. I guess you can say that I enjoy chaos on a deep level, haha!

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