Your Built in Wedding Planning Consultant

Weddings can get complicated. Even the most simple ceremonies involve fifty decisions you have to make and those decisions can get scary when you have never planned such an event before.

A bride and groom pose under an arch while family members take their wedding photos

That is where I come in! Luckily for you (and me), I have photographed over 200 weddings over the last ten years and call tell you what works well and what can get frusterating; what you actually need vs. what the wedding industry tells you that you need.

A bride sets up a photo booth when planning her summer wedding in Indiana

Everyone should have the wedding they want. My wedding photography clients are always welcome to pick my brain and get honest, practical answers to their wedding planning questions when they work for me. After all, a smooth wedding for you = a smooth wedding for me...and the more your wedding fits what YOU want, the more fun you'll have, which always translates well to your photos.

A bride and groom sign their marriage liceince at their outdoor indiana wedding