What does a Boudoir Session Cost | Noblesville Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir sessions are scary and there should be no doubt that you are one badass lady for wanting to do one. Not everyone can step out of their comfort zone and strip down in front of their significant other; let alone a realitive stranger!

Be Prepared.


Be prepared to be kind to yourself. In the days leading up to your session you might look in the mirror and think "OMG, am I really doing this? What is she going to think/say about XYZ." Well, put that outcha mind, girl! I have XYZ wrong with me too! We all do!


Be prepared for a lot of stretching. Boudoir is all about weird angles and posing. Your abs will get a work out during a session.

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Be prepared to laugh. I make lame jokes and laugh at my ability (or lack thereof) to get up off of the floor. I think laughter is one of the most sexy looks a woman can have in her repitoir.