What is Boudoir Photography

Boudoir (Boo-Dwar or Boo-Dwa if you're feeling fancy) is french for bedroom. It's a catch all phrase for any kind of intimate portraiture. Some people strictly shoot boudoir as an updated version of the 80s glamour shot while other's strip it down to full on nudity. I sit right in the middle.


Eighty percent of the photography I do is Wedding/Engagement/Family sessions where posing gives me the willies. Boudoir allows me to stretch my posing muscles (but not too much). Fundamentally I still want my clients to look and feel like themselves.


Society is going to try to tell you that you should be a certain size before anyone sees you without pants on. Well, I'd like to politely tell society to F*** off! You are beautiful just as you are. Right now.


Life isn't about waiting for perfection. Life is about adventure and feeling alive and loving things. The things you love could be a man; could be a woman; could be pizza. It doesn't matter! Life is too short to be afraid.