Photography is the closest you'll ever get to being magic. Stop Time. See what other's cant. I'd like to be your Dumbledore; but I'll likely be closer to being your Haymitch. 


$200 | One-on-One Camera Lessons

Lets meet up and take a walk around the city. We'll take photos of stuff and I'll teach you what all those dials do on your camera!

$100 | Coffee Consultation

Pick my brain! I'll answer any questions you have about running a successful business, Marketing and SEO, Photography, Photojournalism Philosophy, and more :)

$400 | In the Field Mentoring

Moment based photography isn't easy. You can't learn it by looking up poses on Pinterest. You learn by doing. We'll follow a family around and I'll help you see past the scripted moments and capture images that will freeze personalities and last a lifetime.

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