10 Hours | $1400

4 Hours | $600


-Travel up to 3 Hours from Anderson, IN

-Full resolution digital files (plus black and white copies)

-Printing rights

-shareable online gallery

|  Available for travel anywhere in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, or Michigan  |

|  20% off for Military / Police / Fire  |

Add Ons

Extra Photographer | $500

Extra 2 Hours | $400

Rehearsal Coverage | $350

Engagement Session | $300

Pre or Post Bridal Session | $300

Anniversary Session | $175

Bridal Boudoir Session | $175

10x10 Coffee Table Book | $5 per image (20 image minimum)

*Payment Plans welcome*


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|  Frequently Asked Questions  |

How long have you been in business?

I started photographing weddings in 2008 and have been going ever since! I've documented over 200 weddings and there isn't much I haven't seen :)

Do you do this full time or do you have another job?

This is all I do and I love it! I only take one wedding a weekend so you'll have my full attention!

How many weddings do you typically photograph a year?

I typically take 25-32 weddings a year, so contact me as soon as you have your date and I'll be sure to get you on my calendar.

What is your style?

I shoot in a documentary / fly - on - the - wall style. We still get the posed shots (if you want them), but mainly focus on the moments, emotion and story of your day.

How many photos can we expect from our wedding day?

Every wedding is different, but typically a 10 hour day will get 400-600 and a 4 hour elopement will get 200-300 (every file I deliver comes with a black and white copy...because I love black and white photos too much to be trusted to choose them, haha!

What is the difference between editing and retouching and do you edit or retouch any of the images?

Editing is what makes a photo pop: color correction, contrast, etc. Each photo delivered is edited as they are here on the website. Retouching is photoshopping. I do basic blemish retouching, because lets be honest, weddings are stressful and it happens, but I don't do any drastic changes. Please do not ask me to photoshop your body, it hurts my feelings. You are beautiful!

That being said...if you need to photoshop out your brother's crazy ex-girlfriend, I have a great retouching company that I can recommend :)

What is your Payment schedule?

I am very flexible in payment options. Typically payments are set to 4 payments of 25%, the first due at booking & and the last due 30 days before your wedding, but we can also do 6 or 8 payments, or even do monthly payments if needed.

What are your payment methods?

I believe in simplicity! Invoicing is done online and you can pay with a debt/credit card from your payment reminder email :) If you'd rather go old school, then checks are okay too :) (Basically, if you have a form of currency, I'll find a way to accept it....bit coin coming soon...jk ;)

How will our images be delivered?

Your digital files are delivered through a fancy online gallery that you are welcome to share with family and friends. 

When will our images be delivered?

All of my editing is done in house and I volume shoot to help keep costs down, so my turn around time is currently 8-10 weeks. Never fear! I'll be posting sneak peeks to my facebook page the whole time so you'll still see some before they all get finished :)

Can we make prints and share our images?

Yes! Please! There is no greater joy to me than seeing my photos on walls and bedside tables! I am not precious about your files. You can do whatever you like with them. They are yours! Forever! Print 'em, share 'em, stick 'em on instagram!

How far do you usually book in advance?

I typically book anywhere from 8-14 months in advance of a wedding date so if you are getting the feels for my photos than please let me know as soon as possible so I can make sure your date is saved for you!

How do you feel about other people photographing too?

Your wedding is YOURS. I will never demand you have an unplugged wedding for my sake. I welcome friends and family taking photos and participating in your day and have no issues telling someone to make like King Jullian and move-it, movie-it, out of my way :)

Can we look at a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! Send me over a message and I'll send you back a couple of links for full wedding galleries so you can get an idea of what to expect.