Do I Really Need Perfect Family Photos?

"Some memories never leave your bones, like salt in the sea; they become part of you."

What is motherhood? Does it start at the first flutter of a growing baby or did it start a long time before that when you first thought of someone other than yourself. 

I feel like Pinterest has lied to us. Just like the beauty industry, mom's tell me all the time that social media makes them feel like their family has to be perfect all of the time. They would get so embarrassed and apologize to me when their three year old started crying during a photo session. Its okay. Here, let me say it again, in case your kid was screaming in your ear and you didn't hear it....ITS OKAY!!

I will be the first to tell you that if you want photos where everyone is looking at the camera, without a hair out of place and a fake smile plastered to your faces then I am not the photographer for you.

I take photographs that you'll want to look at in five years when your toddler gets on a school bus for the first time and starts making new friends, in ten years when he brings home his first crush and lives on his phone, in twenty years when you're picking out photos for his wedding slideslow. Remember when you were this little? Remember when I had to help you tie your shoes?

I photograph childhood. The laughter, the tears and everything in between.


 Makayla, a local photographer here in Indianapolis, pauses to help her little one put on his shoe during their documentary family photography session.

A Secret Between Friends

I absolutely love watching the crowd as they get seated and wait for your wedding ceremony to start. You think you are swapping secrets without getting noticed? No way! Haha!

To this day, I want to ask the guy sitting next to them what he heard!

 Two ladies share a secret before their niece's Wedding Ceremony in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

What should we go for family photos?

"All the world is an adventure book just waiting to be opened."

So you want to embrace the choas of family photos but don't know where to go. Never fear! I can help with that! I know some great parks all over the midwest (one of the perks of photographing weddings & families for over ten years). Just send let me know and I'll help you find the perfect place.

 Mom and Dad walk with their little girl in a park during their family photography session in Kokomo, Indiana

Do I have to have an Unplugged Wedding?

I will repeat this as many times as I need to during your wedding planning process: Your wedding day is YOURS. It's not the wedding magazine's wedding or your parent's wedding and certainly not your photographer's wedding. I built my entire career taking photos of people I will never tell you that you have to tell your friends to put their cameras down.

Unpopular opinion alert, but I actually love taking photos of people taking photos. Weird I know, but it just means that your family wants to remember your special day and that never bother's me.

So, I say photograph away! If someone is in my way then I have no trouble telling them to make like King Julian and move-it-move-it out of my way :)

 Valparaiso Bride, Kelsey, gets her makeup done before her summer wedding at The Red BArn Experience.

Giggles Trump Posing

I told mom and dad to grab a kiss but this little girl just kept giggling so I decided to take her photo instead. I guess you are never too young to be embarrassed by your parents desplaying PDA.

 While I was trying to get her parents kissing for a photo, this little baby girl could not stop giggling during her Family Photography Session in Muncie, IN. 

Stop and Smell the....Violets?

"All the world would be better if only we would stop and see things through a child's eyes."

When was the last time you saw some flowers and decided to see what they smelled like? Did you look at them and admire their beauty but stop short of sticking your face in them because that isn't what adults do? We should start smelling more flowers.

PS: I have no idea what kind of flower these are....but they are purple so I'm going to call them violets. Feel free to correct me, haha!

 Baby Dockermeyer, stops to smell some flowers during her family photography session in Kokomo, Indiana.

Every Face is Important

Weddings are special because it is one of the few times where all (or most) of your friends and family come together from all over the state. Sometimes they even come from all over the country...or whole different countries. I always assume that they must love you a whole lot to fly around the world just to come be a part of your day, so you better believe I am taking photos of your guests :) :)

 Two friends chat before the wedding ceremony in Dayton Ohio.

Wedding Details

We we have a lot of downtime in the morning and there isn't much going on, don't worry, I'll still be taking photos! Sometimes I grab your stuff and put it in a pretty pile to take photos of it just like "real" photographers ;)

 Kelsey had some wonderful wedding jewelry to photograph during her Valparaiso Wedding in Indiana

The New Life of Spring

Well, hey, you can only get so documentary with babies, but it doesn't change the fact that I love shooting through motion. I always get my couples and families to move around when I'm photographing them. i love walking around and looking at the people you love (not me...not saying you can't love me, but these photos are about you guys ;)

 Lauren and her husband walk with their baby during their Family Photography Session in Muncie, Indiana

Write Letters

We say "I love you" all the time. On our way to work, before we go to bed, after we ask a favor...but there is just something a little more special when someone puts those words to paper. I love it when couples write each other letters. I often recommend it for engagement sessions and anniversary sessions becasue it helps remind you of just how deep those feelings are.

Write your partner a note today. Tell them you love them. Tell them why you love them. It will make their day.

 A groom writes a letter to his bride to read on the morning of their wedding in Valparaiso, Indiana

Yellow is the Color of Summer

Slides are so much! Do you remember standing at the top and feeling like the bottom was so far away? Do you remember how hot that metal got in the summer or the static shock from sliding down one? My job is to capture all the smiles of playtime.

 Maddy, with the help of her dad, slides down a slide at the park during her family photography session in Kokomo, Indiana.