The Gift | Indiana Family Photographer

The best birthday present ever is a giant doll house! I can hear the realtor now...

"This unique open faced four story home features a light that turns on, a piano that plays a jaunty tune and a toilet that flushes. It also comes with an attached garage big enough for a giant to fit into. Contact us today!"

Zoe Turns Three Day 1 | Indiana Family Photographer

It's already been another year and every time I go out to Massachusetts to see my sister and her family it seems that their tiny human has grown at inhuman rates of speed. I can still remember when she was a featureless blob of baby fat and loud noises and now she is a legit child. It blows my mind every time! haha.

The first day was super warm, which if you know anything about weather in New February...that is a little weird. But, not looking a gift horse in the mouth, we played outside while my sister fed the chickens and pruned some trees. Zoe helped too. Kind of. Maybe she just played in puddles.