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Wedding Venues in Fort Wayne Indiana

There are almost as many wedding venues as wedding photographers in Indiana and finding the right place to say your vows can be overwhelming at times. The good news is that I photograph thirty weddings a year and go to all kinds of beautiful Indiana wedding venues! My busy schedule should be put to good use and help Indiana couples looking to tie the know find some awesome locations. After all, your venue will be in the background of all your photos. Might as well find one that looks good, eh?

Barn wedding venues in Fort Wayne Indiana

I photographed Katie and Steve’s wedding at Sylvan Cellars last year and was blow away at how much space the Fort Wayne wedding venue offered. 200+ wedding guests fit comfortably in their barn reception area and the outdoor ceremony space was bright and colorful (my favorite!)

Barn Wedding Venues near Fort Wayne, Indiana

I love photographing weddings at barn venues and Sylvan Cellars is a great option in you are getting married near Fort Wayne. There is something great about the combination of outdoor and indoor options that is just smart thinking with Indiana weddings. You never really know what the weather is going to be like, so having that built in indoor space is really a good peace of mind to have.

Wedding Venues in Fort Wayne, Indiana

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite parts of Sylvan Cellars is its location. Rome City might seem like out in the middle of nowhere, but right across the street is an old monistary school with large old brick buildings, wrought iron fences and tree lined streets. If I could photograph every wedding at Sylvan Cellars I would. (Sylvan, if you are reading this, put me on your staff please!)